Broadway actress and author Margaret English lovingly restored this cottage and wrote about it in her book "The Brick House".    

When we took on the restoration of the kitchen the cottage was by this time completely restored and going through its second upgrade. The existing owners were enthusiastically updating their home while still remembering its heritage.

This kitchen is placed in the heart of the cottage alongside the living room and dining area. The beams and columns were introduced to create a room divider while not loosing the light or view of the pretty back yard.

The country style kitchen also has a number of textures. First we have the inset paneled doors and drawers, natural quarter sawn oak and then the stained blue peninsula and hutch. The hutch has steel mesh panels and the counters are silver gray granite and sealed solid planked teak. The appliances are stainless steel and the windows have custom art glass from our local artisan.

The kitchen area is tight, however very practical. It has a lot of preparation space and easy clean up area. There is a sit-up counter at the peninsula.

The detail photograph shows all of the textures mentioned and how the teak overlaps the sink and granite counter.

"The Brick House" was published in 2003
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